Blephasol Duo (100 ml + 100 pads)

Contact lens solutions
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100 - 300 ml
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Blephasol Duo by Thea comes with 100 pads and 100ml of solution for cleaning the eyelids and lashes. The solution has a gentle formula that is kind for both you skin and your eyes. It is suitable for all type of skin, including sensitive one and for contact lens wearers.

Apply a small amount of the Blephasol solution on the pad included in the box and gently wipe the eylid and lash area, in order to remove any particles and debris, without rubbing. The solution can even remove make up, including waterproof types.

Features of Blephasol Duo
offers you a convenient mix of solution and pads
cleans gently your eyes and lash area
can remove make up
to be used for up to 2 months after opening
suitable for sensitive eyes and skin
preservative free solution
tested by dermatologists and ophtalmologists

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